I replaced the flush valve on my 160 Mansfield toilet, but it still does not flush all the way

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     If you have replaced the flush valve, and the toilet will still not complete a flush all the way the issue may not be the flush valve. The Mansfield 160 toilet is a gravity fed toilet. That means that the water inside of the tank has to come in at a certain speed in order to complete a flush. If the toilet is not completing the flush after replacing the flush valve, then you may want to clean out the rim holes in the bowl. If the rim holes are clogged up, it will not allow the water to come into the tank fast enough to complete a flush. The best way we know to clean out the holes is to take a metal coat hanger, and untwist it. Take the wire, and shove it into the rim holes. use it to clean out the holes. If they are clogged you should see some deposits come out. After all the holes are cleaned out, the toilet should flush like normal.