Mansfield Toilet Leaks On To The Floor

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There are a number of reasons why the toilet could be leaking water on to the floor. One reason may be because the supply line connection could be loose, or damaged causing the water to leak. The installment of the bolts that secure the tank to the bowl may also be the cause of the leak. When installing the bolts you must complete one turn on each bolt at a time, rather than completely tightening the bolts one at a time. The gasket between the tank and bowl could also be cracked, or damaged causing it to leak. Another reason why it could be leaking is that the gasket that secures the fill valve to the tank could be leaking. Also the replenish tube in the tank may not be secure to the flush valve which would cause it to spray water. The last cause for the water leaking on to the floor is if there is a crack in the tank. If you are not sure where the leak is coming from you can try putting food coloring in the tank to locate the leak.