Mansfield 211-1112 Flush Valve

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Genuine Mansfield 211-1112 Flush Valve Comes with In Tank Seal And Nut. It is a tower type flush valve that has been time tested to perform well. The new valve comes complete as shown with the stop cap, seal, inside the tank seal, and outside the tank nut. It is HIGHLY recommended that if you replace this valve you also replace the tank to bowl. This Mansfield flush valve is designed to Let 1.6 Gallons Per Flush Out Of The Tank fits the 160 model and many others. Mansfield product number 106306008, 300211000. You may notice that when you flush your toilet it does not let all of the water out of the tank. Mansfield does this to increase the water pressure for the flush but the valve still closes at 1.6 gallons.>

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