My Mansfield 160 toilet is ghost flushing

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    Ghost flushing is when the toilet seems to run randomly on it's own. This is usually caused by water leaking from the tank into the bowl, or floor. When the water leaks out it causes the Fill valve to come on, and replenish the water that was lost from the tank. If the water is leaking into the floor you would need to replace the tank to bowl gasket. If the water is leaking from the tank into the bowl, it is most likely a worn flapper, or flush valve seal depending on the type of flush valve you have. If you have the 211 tower style flush valve it is most likely due to the flush valve seal. Over time the seal will develop a curve, or bend. This will cause the seal to sit inside of the flush valve tower. The tower is designed to sit on top of the seal to create a proper seal. When the seal sits inside of the flush tower it will cause a leak, and make the toilet harder to flush. To fix the issue you will need to replace the flush valve seal 630-0030. If you have the flapper style flush valve the correct replacement would depend on the size of the flapper.  Keep in mind the 2 inch flappers measure closer to 3 inches across the top, and the 3 inch flappers measure close to 4 inches. If you have the 2 inch flapper the correct replacement would be the Mansfield 630-0173 flapper, and if you have the 3 inch flapper the replacement would be the Mansfield 630-0207 flapper