What fill valve should I use for my Mansfield 160 toilet

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    There are a few different versions of the Mansfield 160 toilet tank. One of the models contains a tower style flush valve that moves up, and down to flush the toilet. If you have this model it would originally take the Mansfield 08 ballcock assembly fill valve. This fill valve is no longer made, and the replacement for it would be the Mansfield genuine blue cap fill valve. The other two models contain a flapper. It is important to know which version you have, because the three models do not use the same fill valve. If you have one of the models that has a flapper you will need to know if it is a 2 inch, or 3 inch flapper. This measurement should be taken across the top of the flapper. Keep in mind that the 2 inch flappers measure close to 3 inches, and the 3 inch flappers measure close to 4 inches. If you have the 2 inch flapper the tank model number would be 173. For this model you can use the Mansfield genuine 2206 fill valve. If you have the three inch flapper the tank model will be the 3173, and it uses the same fill valve 2206.